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Gemma Consulting provides services targeted to small and medium-sized companies for whom quick turn-around time and affordability are essential.

Gemma specializes in assisting management and/or investors requiring due diligence for acquisition opportunities. We review business plans and prospectuses; assessing risk, profitability, and market opportunities. Our forecasting and financial models derive valuation based on various risk factors and projected cash flow for comparison to industry multiples and comparable sales. This valuation approach provides insight into operations and cash flows not available using simple multiples.

Gemma also helps companies analyze their cost structure, competitive position, and profitability potential. Our main focus is on financial performance. We have assisted many clients simply by setting realistic operating objectives and developing an organized approach to the key metrics unique to their operating environment.


Gemma’s core services include:

• Due diligence

Offered to investors seeking independent evaluations of opportunities with start-up companies; small companies seeking additional funding; and medium-sized companies seeking expansion capital. We identify risk, analyze the competitive environment, and evaluate the financial condition of the target company.

• Valuation

Through cash-flow modeling, investment, risk, and cost-of-capital analyses, we help management and investors understand the value of a single new product, or the value of a particular company’s potential cash flow. Detailed analysis yields benchmarks for evaluating new projects and can become the basis for acquisition/divestiture negotiations.

• Financial analysis

Sound financial analysis requires time and expertise to generate good results. We use spreadsheet modeling and analysis to understand capital requirements, margins, returns, direct and indirect costs, sensitivity, and profitability.

• Business plan / prospectus reviews

Business plans are crucial tools for seeking investment funding. Years of experience examining different industries allows us to quickly determine the viability of proposed plans.

• Monte Carlo simulations

Our software helps identify a company’s critical value drivers. Working with management, we assess probability ratios for these value drivers and then run thousands of simultaneous iterations across this spectrum of variables to identify a project’s likelihood of success


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