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Gemma Communications performs research and analysis for investors evaluating opportunities in the telecommunications sector. We perform all levels of analysis, including competitive evaluations, feasibility studies, budgeting, and modeling. In addition to our analytic experience, we also monitor the industry on a daily basis through our operating subsidiary TeleSys Communications. This gives us hands-on understanding of the industry’s key value drivers and real-time insight into developments in the telecommunications marketplace.

Areas in which we offer expertise include:

Traditional switched telephony networks and copper infrastructure
Cable television networks
Point-to-point microwave networks
MDS, MMDS, and ITFS networks (microwave)
Common carrier and CARS band microwave
Hybrid fiber coax networks
FTTx systems (fiber)
Satellite transport for video, data and IP-based protocols
Uplink and downlink earth stations
Wireless IP deployments
Evolving technologies such as IP telephony, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)

Many distressed companies deployed significant capital in the 1990s and early 2000s, only to face bankruptcy and liquidation due to industry overcapacity. In many cases, assets are still deployed and hold value. In others, there is little value remaining despite the millions of dollars expended. Gemma Communications identifies whether these assets still hold value, and where the value may be hidden.

We combine academic discipline with real-world telecommunications experience.

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