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Gemma Companies is a small, privately held company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, with offices in Arizona and New York. Gemma is the ownership organization for four closely related companies:

• Gemma Consulting
• Gemma Communications
• TeleSys Communications Company
• Gemma Capital Management

Each entity offers specialized business and professional management services with an emphasis on quantitative research, technical sales, financial analysis, and modeling.

Gemma Consulting assists organizations and investors in conducting due diligence on potential acquisitions or divestitures and helps construct cash flow models to aid in valuing a company’s assets.

Gemma Communications assists investors seeking opportunities in the telecom industry working with large well-established service providers as well as smaller companies seeking to develop new telecom products and services.

TeleSys Communications Company is a sales/marketing company for telecommunication network services, assisting clients in navigating the complex array of specialized telecommunication products available in today’s market. TeleSys works for CenturyLink Communications Corporation as part of its Business Partner Program.

Gemma Capital Management seeks financing opportunities through its own resources and through partnerships and relationships in the investment community.


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